Producing, processing and packaging high quality agricultural products for export to high value.

Olira Agro Industry is striving to develop its areas of engagement in agriculture sector since establishment and now gradually expanded its operation into Sesame seeds de-hulling and roasting for export to a high value market such as USA, Eu and Middle East countries since 2008. The expansion plan of our factory is to export roasted sesame, produce Tahini and Halwa, sesame powder, candies and other end products of sesame seeds. It also is engaged in domestic grain marketing and processing for the supply to relief operators.  The company is also engaged in importing agrochemicals, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other consumables

Olira Sesame Products

Sesame seeds Farming Stage

We produce Sesame seed both conventional & organic by engaging in contract farming with small order farmers.

Natural Sesame Seed

We have an European American origin cleaning fasilites. With these machines we clean to the purity level of 99.95% and above

Mechanically hulled sesame seeds

We are known for processing & exporting premium grade mechanically hulled humera sesame seeds to theUSA, EU and Middle East buyers.

Roasted sesame seeds

Roasted sesame gives an aromatic test, excellent for bakeries, Tahini and confectioneries.