Sesame seeds processing and export.

The factory is located in Oromia Region Burayu town 15 km away to the west main city Addis Ababa. The location is very ideal for food processing as it is found in the high land area and it is very close to the main city.

Olira Agro Industry has owned state of the art sesame seed hulling and roasting line technology targeted to fit to the quality requirement level of high potential customers’ and commenced its operation in 2011. With this consideration, the company is always working to maintain customers’ satisfaction by providing traceable products and fulfilling international quality standard requirements like ISO 22000 and third party requirements of organic certificate for the product. We have experienced best achievements in this sector specially by organizing small holder sesame out-growers in order to provide traceable organic sesame products. It enables us to supply quality product in any quantity required.

Besides exporting sesame products, Olira Agro Industry PLC has started importing various items like industry chemicals, steels, agricultural machineries, etc. for local consumption


We are processing a special type of sesame seed called Humera type. It contains more than 50% oil content and Creamy in color with very specific pleasant aroma which makes it unique as compared to any sesame seed of the world. Excellent for bakery products and desert food preparation.

We are currently engaged in exporting the following processed products of Humera type sesame seeds. Namely:

  • Cleaned natural sesame seeds
  • Mechanically hulled sesame seeds
  • Hulled and roasted sesame seeds

Our processing plant has a capacity of producing 20 MT hulled sesame seed per day with a minimum quality of 99.95%.


We are also importing the following different materials for local consumption.

  • Industry chemicals
  • steels
  • Agricultural machineries, etc.


Possible applications of sesame seed and its derivate:

      • Bakery
      • Tahini
      • Halva
      • Oil
      • Pharmaceuticals, etc

Our sesame cleaning and hulling machineries are of American and European technologies specifically designed for food processing which meets the safety and hygienic criteria set in the international food safety standard. Our factory is built in such a way to protect any cross contamination and suitable for safe food handling.


Food safety and quality is the main priority area for Olira Agro Industry PLC to ensure the safety and quality requirements of our customers. Thus, we implemented ISO 22000:00 food safety management and certified by DQS quality certifying company to realize our customers’ satisfaction.


The product packaging:
• 25 kg net paper bag
• 50 lbs net paper bag
• 50 kg pp bag for cleaned natural sesame seed
Product labeling:
• product name
• Customer name
• net weight
• lot number
• produced by
• Expire date

Product storage advice:

Store in cool, dry and dark place, at normal temperature and humidity. Product shelf life: 18 months.